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Today’s digital world is getting more complicated. Creatip provides a full range of digital marketing services based on an extensive understanding on customer journey and the features of all digital platforms.

Media Planning & Buying

Social Media Management

Search Ad – Naver / Daum / Google / Baidu / Yahoo Japan

Influencer Marketing – Naver / Instagram / YouTube / Tiktok

Display Ad

App Marketing

Viral Marketing


Our approach to marketing architecture centers on a deep multi-cultural insights and clear strategic direction. Creatip provides a clear strategic direction based on diverse points of marketing and brand such as market situation, swot analysis, competitor analysis, brand positioning and digital strategy that our client should take in Asia.

 Marketing Strategy

 Integrated Marketing Communication

 Consumer Behavior Analysis

 Market Research

 Campaign Development

creative agency


Our approach to content is to create and distribute valuable and relevant contents to attract and retain a clearly defined audiences. Based on our extensive experience, Creatip generates contents that are fine tuned to be optimized for each media and personalized to meet the needs of the targeted audiences.

Strategic Content Planning

Social Media Content Creation

Photo Shooting

Copy Writing


Design & Development

Design and brand become as much important as product quality and technology for today’s customers. Designers and Developers in Creatip come up with a simple and creative outputs based on the perfect understanding on both brand’s identity and customer’s preference in every single digital platforms.

Banner Design

Website Design

UI/UX Design

Site Development

Pamphlet Creation


Video Marketing

Since video platform such as Youtube is getting important, video content becomes crucial in this digital world. Our team of video production that has a profound experience and insights provides a high quality and trendy video contents to clients.

Scenario Planning

Branding Video

Social Media Viral Video

Web Drama

Short-Form Video

Blockchain Marketing

Indusry-leading Blockchain Marketing Expertise throughout Asian countries. Localization services of Korean, Janpanese, Chinese. Largest media coverage, and Broad Marketing channels.

ICO & Post ICO

Exchange Marketing

Community Management

Paid Campaign

Airdrop & Bounty Programs

Technical Collaboration

Partnership Marketing