February 2021

[TREND REPORT] Korea Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends – Live Commerce


  • Chatbot used for interactive marketing.
  • The chatbot industry flourishes due to the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Facebook Messenger, Kakao Plus Friend’s Chatbot, and Live Chat on the website are all in the form of Chatbot.
  • Users prefer the chatbot to receive instant messages rather than email inquiries that take time to get a response.
  • According to statistics from market researcher Modor Intelligence, the market size of chatbots is expected to grow to 102.2 billion by 2025. (34.75% annual growth for 2020-2025)
  • In addition, the information that chatbot collects about customer needs is a great help in developing future marketing strategies.


  • Expanding non-face-to-face communication space with metaverse.
  • Video platform has been used as a communication channel to replace face-to-face communication but now its scope of use in religious activities, e-commerce, and entertainment is being expanded.
  • In particular, the use of live commerce is expanding (Naver Shopping Live, Kakao Shopping Live)
  • Metaverse, a recently expanded virtual reality, has become a new communication space for Generation Z.
  • Increasing number of companies are entering the market in various fields such as technology, content, marketing, and advertising within the Metaverse platform.


  • Provide personalized services based on data to offer a better user experience.
  • Understanding the user experience journey to their products and services and providing hyper-personalized services drive business competitiveness as digital transformation accelerates.
  • Provide personalized services based on data to offer a better user experience.
  • Personalization includes customized advertisements based on the information people searched for, and marketing through classification of consumer behavior such as shopping cart abandonment.
  • Despite the global movement to strengthen privacy, ironically, personalized advertising – as proven to be more effective – is growing more and more popular.

Naver Live-Commerce

In the contactless (“untact”) era, Naver Shopping Live app introduces brand products through live streaming and provides chat notifications that can respond to customer inquiries during the live stream.

It has the advantage of not only purchasing products during live streaming but also downloading coupons from the smart store and purchasing them at a discounted price.

KakaoTalk Channel Chatbot

Chatbot with an interactive interface is provided through the KakaoTalk Channel. You can provide chatbot service to users by connecting to KakaoTalk Channel opened by the KakaoTalk Channel Manager Center.

Using KakaoTalk Channel Chatbot, users (business) can set up FAQs in e-commerce services to communicate effectively with consumers by offering quick answers to frequently asked questions.

For online shopping malls, you can check the order and delivery status right away.

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